Watch Youtube videos in Chrome without flash player

All said and done chrome offers a great browsing experience but when it comes to flash players in the latest chrome browser there are still issues. Most often when the new

tab is opened the browser hangs and at times indefinitely. So to solve this problem one of the workarounds is to disable one of the two flash plugins. In my case it is the

\Chrome\Application\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll that needs to be disabled.  There is a detailed site on how to on this one read here.  In spite of this chrome hangs and still the latest version of flash player is compatible with chrome we will have to bear with this. So with this issue most often we need to disable the flash player on chrome. A permanent solution to this problem is an other topic .

Here is how you can still watch certain flash enabled videos in chrome with flash disabled. You tube has launched a new YouTube HTML5 Video Player which enables the use of HTML 5 instead of flash player for watching movies.  It is in trial mode and works with certain videos you can join the beta trial by clicking on


You tube without flash player. Get the following message that the flash plugin is not loaded.

You can revert back to normal mode by clicking on the below link

You tube with HTML 5

Once you click on the html 5 trail you can watch the videos without flash player with the same quality .


Currently the offer from you tube is in beta you can test run it and provide your feedback here. More details on the supported browsers and supported features here.


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