Signing Off this Year and Wishing a Happy and Great Year Ahead!

As the year is winding up with scare of all of it being over as per the Mayan calendar we should be happy to be alive and still around :-) . Time for some thoughts on what to do next in the coming year. Here is my list…

1. Spend time with people who made you what we are. Parents , Brothers , Sisters , Wife , Children choose any order that you like but spend time with these people who gave you an identity and helped shaped your life.

2. Show gratitude to Nature . Plant a lot of trees. Hug them, water them as much as you can they return love to you many fold. Water plants and see how good you start feeling if you cannot measure or check how they reciprocate back.

3. Visit People who took care of you when you were young and running around wetting your pants. I remember an old aunt who helped my mother in bringing me up when small , she still remembers my birthday and remembers tiny incidents from my life which I could tell my grandchildren.

4. Consolidate your knowledge. You already know enough dive deep and build on what you already know.

5. Write , Read , Learn everyday of your life. Learn everything that scares you of tomorrow. Possibly do it every time at the same place everyday.

6. Follow good men on twitter and linkedin who have been there done that so that you can also do that and go there someday and create your own followers.

7.  Note down the list of things that you found useful during the year and can help you achieve mental peace and poise and follow them like a ritual.

8.  Srikanth Sola thumb meditation video on youtube that I came across and can be practised without any effort anywhere . Click here for the full video on how to connect with the divine within.

9.  Keep walking whether it rains , shines or the SUN does not come out. Do it everyday as if you are brushing your teeth. I find myself more productive on days when I walk as opposed to when I skip it.

10. Talk to young , old , tech , non tech people alike and somewhere all of them will merge meaning there is a part of you that is part of them as well. You find amazing connect in all and keeps you well rounded.

11. Best way to learn something  is to start teaching. So learn more and teach more of everything that you can lay your hands on .

12.  Subscribe to some newsletter on anything you desire to acquire in your life , how to learn , unlearn , make , save and give your money , knowledge  etc. using newer tools that are out there.

13. Take a new road to any place that you want to go. These days with traffic jams you  will be forced to take many roads that you may not have gone before. You can discover unique sights and places of interest there and things enchanting. Go and soak yourself and add value to your life. For example you can discover a music school or a book lending library not too far away from where you live that you never saw until recently.

14.  Keep small achievable milestones of what you want to accomplish like we will go watch a movie once the exams are over.  And watch movies that stir your soul make you think ponder or simply go and forget yourself in the larger than life cinematic experience of a theatre. Yes do this once you have achieved a certain small milestone of your choice. We are all target oriented and need targets to keep us motivated. Change it to a play or meditation class or something that you call taking you mind of the things that you are usually involved in.

15. See feedback about what you can do well and go ahead and get your bliss. Talk to your friends , near and dear ones you will be surprised by what they will share about you. Remember if you want a relationship the other is always important and you only come last. Do take feedback to the extent your maturity allows you and then incorporate some changes at the pace that you are comfortable. You are only human and you have all the years ahead do something each day so that you feel better tomorrow.

16. Clean your desktop , house , car , bike and see how it affects your state of mind. Your mind is a reflection of you. You can reverse engineer your mind by keeping your surroundings clean and tidy. Do it and see it for yourself.

17. Go travel by bus, visit rural places and see how people manage without facebook,twitter or other distractions and are happy and content as well. This will set you thinking on life outside the main stream and how to balance yourself.How different is the warmth with which they greet you as opposed to someone in a city trying to catch the next bus or train.

18. Write , Paint or Develop the favourite application that can solve someone’s problem or add some healing touch to their lives. You will start feeling great yourself and the joy that you get out of it can sustain you for sometime before you can embark on your next journey.

19. If you want to experience life pay a visit to people ailing and then you can naturally thank life without any second thoughts.

20. Hack your life by learning all essential tool to simplify your life. A few tools can add a lot of value to your life and help you spend quality time with your near ones. Learn , Unlearn , Relearn and sharpen your axe.

21. Go attend that lecture/seminar from the guy proposing to cure the ills of the world either by promising cure for the next big illness or technology problem. If you cannot attend his lecture live watch them on TED or You tube wherever. Keep yourself motivated there are thought leaders all around you , you need only your time to listen to them absorb some of their wisdom before you can start spreading your own wisdom or acting in earnest from what you can learn assimilate from them.

22. Never in the history of mankind are we at a great period where we are seeing disruptive technology which happens not in decades but in a few months down the line.

23. Update your technical skills take up a course muster that will to go get certified. It can be anything that you want to add to your arsenal of existing skill set. Be sure you want and like this skill and not just an added degree or a star on your work uniform.

24. Get up early and do your exercises to stay fit .Go get yourself a health check up every six months or at least once a year. Burnout due to health is a common these days as opposed to the earlier generation.

25. You do not have to make monumental plans. Take one step at a time solve only one small problem at a time and suddenly you are doing what everyone wanted to do but could not find time.

26. Meditate be effortless and all creation happens as in nature which is effortless. But behind every inactivity remember there is a lot of activity that went in and made it all look like a cakewalk.  As Agassi said I want to work hard so that it all looked as if it was so easy. Follow your gut and work smart / hard do whatever to make it happen.

27. We are here to make a dent in the universe and as Steve Jobs put it “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish for life”. Make your own path way wherever you are in the station of life.You do not have to end up creating an iphone or an ipad / ipod but do something that keeps you earning for more and challenges you.



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