ICICI QR Codes Services for your phone.

Here is how you can request online ICICI services within the comforts of your phone without logging into an Online banking account. The attached pic has the  QR codes for the services mentioned from ICICI. Download the pic and save it and open it using a image magnifier tool such as windows photo viewer. If you visit one of the ICICI branches and are having a camera phone and QR code reader then you can skip this. Use the QR code reader on your phone and use the above mentioned services from ICICI.

From your bank registered mobile you can accesses these services.

1. Link to your ICICI mobile banking site.

2.  The remain four services translate to sending an SMS to 9215676766 and following are the codes for the same.

Cheque Book Request – Send SMS ICBR     to +919215676766

Check Account Balance – Send SMS IBAL  to +919215676766

Get Last 3 Transactions – Send SMS ITRAN to +919215676766

Get OTP – One time password – Send SMS IBOTP to +919215676766





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