Get a New Passport or Renew your existing passport in India

it's that time again... 

This one is to facilitate anyone in India trying to renew their passport or apply for a fresh one based on the ongoing experience that we have been facing. Although

passport seva is a great site to book your timings online in a transparent manner instead of standing in a queue ( when it rains / shines or their is no food/water provision) close by to satisfy your thirst or hunger while the serpentine queues that usually take almost a whole day or half a day.  So while the online booking facility is great and powered by TCS still getting your time of appointment is far more difficult than getting an appointment with your family doctor.

Would appreciate if there is a way to automatically allot a time based on the registration itself instead of we having to log into the site at 18.00 everyday and clicking for that fateful moment. What happens is that although there are slots allocated , when clicked on one of them it says already booked by another user. One input to the people behind this would be do not show this time as appointment if it is already booked.

Book yourself a passport appointment in India.

Got this list based on people who have been there done that.

1. Set yourself a google calendar or outlook reminder/task 10 minutes before 18.00 on every single day till you accomplish your mission.

Log into the site at 18.00 as stated. In fact log in at 17.55 is what most people say to have it working for you.

2. Improve your typing skills and be fast and quick in typing your details

3. Login using a high speed net connection with mostly 8mbps.

4. Inspite of these efforts if you still not able to get an appointment then repeat steps 1-3 for success. Some have gone through this loop for around 1-2 months before experiencing success.

5. Use tatkal  ( around 3500/- ) if you want a quick appointment and there is an urgent need to travel in a week’s time.This can be useful if you have kids and family as the appointments can be all together instead of on different days.

6. Lastly if you are running short of time then call a passport agent who will charge anything from 500-1000-3000/- for getting an appointment , rest you still need to go to the passport office for your mugshot and other details.

What to expect at the passport Seva centre

More details once the current passport renewal process is complete. Some additional details on what to expect once you get your booking by an experienced hand read here. If there are other ways then please share them here.

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