Backup your contacts to gmail from your android phone

What do you do when you have multiple gmail accounts and want to backup your contact details to all the gmail accounts. In my case the primary google account of mine that I used to synch up used to was having some issues and shows an error apart from failing to synch up my phone contacts. My phone contacts were last updated to gmail around 6 months ago and since I haven’t lost my phone so all is ok meaning all the data is stored on my phone. The option here is to delete the gmail account and revert to factory settings but before that import / export your contacts to SD card and some forums suggested a delete all and reimporting.

Save a contact to gmail directly

Remember to save your phone to gmail if you want to save it to future use from gmail. This will help you to incrementally store all your contact information each time you add one to your list.


You can choose from which of the gmail accounts you want to synch up while saving a contact.

Backing up contact information to gmail account

Go to Contacts and select all contacts

Menu>More>Import/Export>Export Contacts To SD Card > wait for this to finish.

Post this step now import all the details of the SD card into your gmail account.

Import Contacts from SD CARD>>Choose your gmail account.

This would take a couple of minutes.Once done all contacts on your phone will be synced with gmail.

This is a useful step and avoid you to synch up your account by importing your contacts without deleting any account information or having to resort to a factory reset for the failed gmail account. Not sure how to remove that but that would be a different post.

By synching once the contacts are imported to from the SD to the gmail contacts on the phone. But for this to reflect in the gmail account you will have to go to Settings->Account Information-> Choose gmail account. This will ensure all of the data is copied to the gmail account.

If you happen to click synch more than once then you can you the filter and merge feature in gmail to reconcile and keep one copy of all your contacts.

For additional synch issues you can read more from google support page here.

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