An Android App as a Travel/Tourist Guide

Most of us frequent places of interest , visit cities where we would visit museums , art galleries or simply historically significant places. We now have one such Android App that help you to guide you through a museum in SpainĀ The developer has provided an app where you can click on the painting and it would provide an audio narration of the painting , you having to input the painting number in the musuem.

Got to see the app being made available for Botero‘s paintings at the musuem apart from others apps for other painters. For those who have not heard of Botero , he is a Columbian painter who is known for painting men,women,animals and all other objects larger than life literally. Infact all this paintings have a distinct full , round and plumpish nature to them. He probably is an eternal optimist who sees the world as full and hence it reflects as all things fat and well rounded.Even people in the past such as Monalisa also would be painted the same way.

Here below is a google image search result of Botero and his paintings.

I was lucky to see his paintings live at Bogota during my visit there at coffee shops , exhibitions and museums. Reminds me of our own Mario Miranda who has a distinct style of painting.

The current post is about an android app that you can use instead of a guide or translator which will tell you the history and the background of the painting without the need for a guide. You can download the app (Botero Exhibition ) if you are visiting the museum in Spain from the download link. It has no review comments so choose your discretion before you download it as is the case with all apps on the play store.

But the fact of the matter is to illustrate yet an other feature of the android app that makes one’s life simple if you want to see places at your spare time without having to rush through the guides explaining it all at one go.

Before closing this post a painting from the museum on display at their website.

Thanks to this app for bringing me back memories of my stay in Columbia and of course to Botero who continues to paint a well rounded picture of the world.

A way to go for museums and for travellers to checks if museums have apps that take you around in case if are looking for that experience.




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