Back in our college days one of our professors used to remind us about the need to wake up to the events in our life using the following story. In the case of Newton it was a casual nap down an apple tree one sunny afternoon where a mere apple falling on his head set him thinking in a new direction. He then went ahead postulating the theory of gravitation which forms the edifice for modern physics. So on we too need to wake up to the events in our life which can set us thinking and be seekers of knowledge. Here is an organized collection of information for simplifying our lives under various categories. All of us have these ah!!! moments which need to listen to and try to find answers to the queries that come out during those moments.

So we need to awaken and take action on the apples falling our head from time to time. They may be learning a new language, using a tool, using a new PC, using a new IDE, checking out an Operating System, Mobile phone.In all of these situations there is knowledge to be learnt and acquired to satisfy our immediate problem at hand. Here is a collection of such useful information which can keep us abreast of the latest in IT and be truly literate in this era.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Alvin Toffler

Blog Section : Covers the new social medium where there are details regarding everything that a netizen needs to know about.News in and around you and what to do to stay on top if not get pushed to the bottom of the pile as you do not understand what the next guy around the corner is saying as you could be net illiterate or rather do not share the same bandwidth.

Tech Bytes : This section would cover what to do how to do and provide information on areas which will help overcome the initial inertia or standoff attitude to technological changes happening. There was a time when personally was not really convinced on the near rapid growth and use of smart phones and am sure there are many out there who would agree that these days you are lot less powerful unless you have one for company. So this section would target all such gadgets,devices related information covering operating systems and all items related to technology.

Reading Habit: This section would cover the most declining habit of the generation that we are in now.We need to nurture this habit at all times in this era of knowledge exchange. Though the mediums have changed instead of formal hard bound books people are using tablets/iPads and Kindle readers to satisfy their grey matter. This section would have details on what would make good reading under various categories and suggest suitable reading apart from connecting up with all things”READING”.

Entrepreneurial Stories: What is a typical Apple on My Head story these days with tons of start ups mushrooming all over.What is one’s AppleOnMyHead moment that helped turn focus in a different direction. As someone asked what is the secret to making big things happen. Apparently there is no secret as it is believed and they said we need to stay put and work it out to make it happen. All such stories and facts around this will be put up in this section.

As they say when you are out to find out something you shall find out a way. The way becomes more clear when we walk the path in search of our individual truths. Keep walking , keep seeking and do not stop after all the journey itself is the reward and there is no destination after all. So we are all seekers in one form or another seeking our shade under the tree of knowledge or place in the SUN. So “Seek and You Shall Find” just underlines this principle.




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