A Visual Dictionary mixing images and wiki content

Chanced upon a visual dictionary  called Shahi taking learning to the next step for many who feel words must be expressed in images. A picture is worth many words or rather a bitmap can hold many many hundred words of information. So this is a good step in that direction started by Abdullah Arif .  This initiative combines data from flickr, google and yahoo along with wikipedia and provides you a dictionary that is visual and provides sample usages in sentences for some of them. Tools like these are good steps in order to mend learning that is broken and stuff that Salman Khan dishes from Khan academy as educational videos is great. Who says you need to learn the old way when there are tools that can serve better and help you learn in a more coherent and comprehensive way quickly.

Did search for the following words and here are the results.  Did search for yacht and it brought some scantily clad women from flickr content. Use your discretion while searching for content with kids around as otherwise it can be a great visual teaching tool and help avoid searching multiple locations to service your needs.

As per the data on the website the data is collected as of


Version 0.4
Using English Wiktionary XML Dump dated Feb 4th 2009
Using WordNet 3.0
Searching over 243k words

}.  Tools like the ones are going to take education to the next level. When you mention rose to a kid he should be able to visually identify with a red rose , a yellow one and also get a feeling that it can be the name of a person place or a thing. All this leaves the future kids with better ways to learn and assimilate information.



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