Resize your Mozilla screen parameters.

For last couple of days my mozilla screen was stuck with the following dimensions with the youtube setttings not visible at all. I was not able to resize the window back to

is original settings. Had to live with this setting as I was not able to figure out the mozilla browser screen resize dimensions. This is mostly clear with chrome and IE and the

zoom buttons are visible. But it was not so clear with mozilla. On checking out the mozilla support forums here is how you can do it.

Use the Alt button to enable the screen options button. Use the Cntrl + – button to decrease the screen size and use the Cntrl + + button to increase the screen size.

If you want to increase the default font size use the Text Zoom option in the browser using the following link from Mozilla support .

Screen with increased zoom settings


As you can now see the same screen can be viewed with more details when zoomed out.

Same screen with Zoom Out settings